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Nowadays Junghans certainly makes some incredibly attractive designs, such as the Max Bill line, but nearly all these pieces trend toward stark minimalism. The Meister Pilot Event Edition represents just the second dive into more retro designs for that brand after last year's gorgeous Meister Telemeter, and something that in writing might be lost inside a ocean of Junghans Flieger Chronograph Replica. One consider the Meister Pilot Event Edition puts that fear to relax. The obvious standout element this is actually the unique scalloped bezel design, lifted right out the 1955 original. As opposed to the more usual gold coin edge or toothed design, the bidirectional stainless bezel features 12 rounded cutouts for simple operation for wearers with heavy flying mitts. It's an application-follows-function design choice that continues to be as striking today because it was six decades ago.

All of those other design keeps the DNA from the J88 intact, while updating to some a little more modern feel. The situation is upsized to some contemporary 43mm wide along with a hefty 14.4mm from casebook to the peak of their double-AR coated azure very, the dial's flieger-chrono style numerals support the classic cutouts at 2, 8, and 10 (although weirdly the cutouts don't include 4 o' clock) for that chrono subdials but they are more fluid and rounded, and also the Sinn style handset from the original continues to be bulged to a lume-filled Roman sword style with needle tips. The brushed lugs feature some attractive edging work, and curve lower rapidly from the primary situation, for which should end up being a wrist-hugging shape that may put on a great deal smaller sized than its size and thickness suggests.

The big boxy crown is etched using the old-school Junghans Flieger Chronograph Replica six-pointed star emblem also featured around the dial, and also the chrono pushers have surprisingly been extended to some slight oblong shape. It's a unique touch, only one that echoes the contour from the bezel cutouts. Adorning the screw-attached caseback is really a detailed etching of Junghans' terraced factory building, even though this etching is different towards the limited Event Edition so it's unsure exactly what the caseback design is going to be once the watch reaches their primary line sometime the coming year.

The Meister Pilot Event Edition is operated by Junghans' J880.4 chronograph movement (ETA based), having a small running seconds and 30-minute counter at 3 and 9 correspondingly. The subdials are large and instantly legible instantly, and also the primary dial's outer seconds track is uncluttered by sub-markers. While clearly hindering split-second precision in timing, this arrangement is fantastic for the type of instant low light readouts necessary within the cockpit of the aircraft. The timepiece occurs whether brown or black riveted leather strap, but (wrist size allowing) is possibly the perfect candidate for any Bund strap.

Overall, the Junghans Meister Pilot Event Edition represents Junghans Flieger Chronograph Replica taking a remarkable advance by searching backward, and we're greatly excited to find out more details because they are released.

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